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Our CCRF programs provide small business financing through unsecured business loans and unsecured small business loans, providing an alternative for an unsecured cash advance for those merchants who need quick funding.

Even with bad credit it’s possible to obtain a fast cash loan with our quick cash microloan financing programs. The cash advance for business capital is our specialty at American Microloan, where we provide online quick loans, small business financing, and unsecured small business loans via short-term working capital financing to Visa and MasterCard credit card merchant account holders at reasonable rates.

Our experience allows us to bring direct benefits to you, our clients. You can be assured you will always receive the best service at top discount financing with the best services in the business capital funding market, including quick turnaround times, low rate financing, and flexible payments.

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At American Microloan we want to help you achieve your dreams. Our low rate loan financing can assist you in overcoming the challenges of obtaining financing so that you can focus on what's really important, growing your business and making it a success.

How does this work? CCRF (credit card receivable financing) is a short-term working capital advance loan designed for Visa/MC merchants. The cash advance or loan amount is based on the merchant's previous 6 month average (12 months if the business is seasonal) monthly sales volume on Visa/MC. The typical merchant advance loan amount is 70% - 100% of the monthly average, with the typical term being 6 months.

The loan is amortized by an automatic daily payment based on the merchant's Visa/MC sales. Typical daily payment percentage is 15% - 20%. Each merchant has the option of using a fixed daily payment instead of a percentage of daily sales.

Through AML’s unsecured business loans and unsecured small business loans, we provide the best quality and most affordable alternative for an unsecured cash advance program, making it possible for our merchants to obtain the quick funding they need to keep their long- and short-term plans for growth firmly in place.

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