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Applicable Fees
There is no cost whatsoever for the loan application. Applicant will not pay anything unless the loan is funded.
AML, however, charges the borrower for out-of-pocket expenses if the loan application is approved and the loan is funded. This is the list of such expenses:
$7 per individual credit report
$50 for D&B business information report
$30 per Wire Transfer
$50 per UCC filing
$75 - $150 for Patriot Act Search (depending on amount of records)
$50 - $100 for Site Inspection Fee (depending on location)
Actual costs of the overnight mail ($20 - $40 depending on the applicant's location)
Typical out-of-pocket expense for the first loan is under $300. The subsequent funding usually only incurs W/T fee and overnight mail costs.
AML charges $10 per NSF return. It is exactly the same amount AML gets charged by its bank for returned deposit.
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