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CCRF Eligibility
To apply for CCRF, the borrower must either be a Corporation, Limited Liability Company or Limited Liability Partnership (not the same as a Limited Partnership) formed and operating in the USA.
The borrower must have been in business for a minimum of 12 months and have minimum of 6 month credit card processing history.
Owners must have a social security number. If the owner is not a US citizen, we must see the copy of the owner's permanent resident alien card (a.k.a., Green card) or Visa (in the passport) & I-94 page on his/her passport.
We cannot make personal loans under any circumstances.
Eating/drinking establishments, i.e. restaurants, bars, taverns, etc, are the best candidates for CCRF because; 1) 60 - 70% of their revenue is generated via VS/MC, 2) Traditional lending sources do not like the restaurant industry, 3) their gross margin is usually high enough to absorb the daily payment.
Retail, automotive repair, full service spas, dentists, cosmetic surgeons are also a good source of new deals.
We consider internet merchants, furniture stores & gas stations a high risk.
We currently cannot work with adult industry businesses.
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