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Pre-approval only requires the first 3 documents below (your signed application, a copy of your Driver's License and a business bank check marked VOID). In order to process the application fully for approval, please fax all of the following documents to (201) 292-8174.
Signed Application for Credit Card Receivable Financing.
Photocopy of the Principal Owner(s)' Driver's License(s) - Please enlarge copy when scanning for emailing or faxing, if possible. Emailing is the best method by which to send.
Copy of a voided check from the business bank account marked VOID.
Copies of your VS/MC merchant statements for the past 6 months. For the most recent month, please send the entire statement. For the remaining 5 months, please send just the first page (aka the summary page). Also include a copy of your most recent AMEX and Discovery statements.
Copy of your most recent business bank account statement in its entirety (please exclude the cancelled checks pages).
Copy of the most recent statement from any competitor finance company you have an outstanding loan with.
Copy of a second form of ID which can either be your passport/green card OR a voided personal check (account information can be crossed out).
Copy of the menu if your business is an eating establishment.
If you rent your space, include a copy of the lease. Send just the pages that have landlord/tenant signatures, lease terms (address, termination date, rent amount, etc.) and any extensions, renewals or addendums, if applicable. If you own the premises, a copy of the most recent mortgage statement AND a copy of the most recent property tax bill.

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